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Lower Parcel

REV "Furnished Apartments & Conference Complex" BOT

REV has already undertaken preliminary construction steps to erecting "Furnished Apartments & Conferences Complex" situated adjacent to "SPLASH Outdoor Swimming Pool".

REV Five Stars "Furnished Apartments & Conferences Complex" is intended to be an elaborate conceptual structure, situated in a breath taking surrounding with an impregnable view that will represent a gigantic 20 000 sq. m. architectural masterpiece with anywhere from 80-100 different plush apartments and suites depending on how many square meters will be allocated to each apartment and suite. In addition, several Conference and Reception Halls, ground floor and Roof restaurants.

Noteworthy, "Roof Restaurant" will accommodate, at least, 3 000 guests: Conference, Symposium, Wedding, etc.

REV estimates and assess it best 'Grouping' "Furnished Apartments & Conference Complex" with REV Ruwayha Palace Hotel - BOT LINK:

REV aspires cooperating with Professional entity to constructing, realizing and running twin exclusive and sophisticated complexes.

Consequently, REV is eager to establishing contacts with renowned Hotel Professional Groups specialized and accustomed to identical high class edifices.