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Lower Parcel

"Infra-structure" information:

A: "REV Water Resources"

REV "Upper & Lower Parcels" are alimented, 24/24, with 120 cubic meters originating from 2 private springs in Hammana Village bought over 60 years ago.

REV 2 private spring water are conveyed, from a distance of over five Kilometers, using 2 inch galvanized pipes.

In addition, REV disposes in both "Parcels" following water reservoirs.

1. Lower Parcel: An Artificial Lake 72 m X 32 m X 6.5 m. 2. Underground "Water Reservoir" 52 m X 22 m X 9 m.

2. "Lower Parcel":

"Artificial Lake" 72 m X 32 m X 6.5 m

underground "Water Reservoir": 52 m X 22 m X 9 m

1. Lower Parcel: 2 Artificial wells "Bir Arabi"

2. REV two very significant "Irrigation Reservoirs":

a. Lower Parcel: "Irrigation Reservoir" 14m X 11 m X 6 m

b. Upper Parcel: "Irrigation Reservoir" 16m X 14 m X 7 m

Aside from above enumerated drinking and irrigation water supply and quantities, "Upper Parcel" geological studies clearly indicated and revealed existence of abundant amount of underground drinking water streams.

B: "REV Electricity Resources"

REV "Lower Parcel" owns, bought from Lebanon Electricity Company, a 500 kva "Private-Electricity-Power-Station". Noteworthy kva capacity can be augmented.