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REV "Al-Jabal International Festival" BOT

REV, under the direction of artist Gassan Rahbani and with the participation of world leading artists, "Al-Jabal International Festival", hosted at REV "Amphitheater", aims to becoming a major Lebanese-International cultural summer event celebrating renowned music comedies, modern world music, rock and pop music as well as theatre.    

For sponsorship and any further information please contact Mr. Gassan Rahbani:
Tel.: 00-961-03-300 085

REV BOT offer: A serious well established Festival(S)-Organizer and Promoter BOT Partner who will work, hand-in-hand, with Mr. Gassan Rahbani and Other well Established and known Lebanese and International Artists.

It is necessary to create a Committee, Composed of (15-20) Socialite-Members. Its task is to realize the Yearly Program(s) and also to help attract sponsors. Please note that REV will have a Permanent Seat in this Committee.