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REV "Ruwayha Palace Hotel" BOT

  • CHANGE to: REV Ruwayha Palace Hotel has actually an unfinished surface of 4 500 sq. m. According to Lebanese laws, surface can be augmented to surpass total of 12 000 sq. m.

    Among other things, actual Palace Hotel aims to realizing:

  • Six Royal Suites each with a space of around 350 sq. m.
  • Rdc Restaurant of around 900 sq. m.
  • Conference and Reception space facilities of around 1 600 sq. m.
  • Roof Restaurant
  • A kitchen 180 sq. m.
  • Indoor Parking for over 35 vehicles

  • REV BOT offer: REV interested to cooperating with "Hotel Professional" group willing to complete remaining necessary construction & decoration works.

    REV aspires establishing contact with top hotel Professionals to identify suitable Partner.

    REV estimates it best to 'Group' REV Ruwayha Palace Hotel - BOT with REV "Furnished Apartments & Conference Complex" BOT - LINK: