BOT Offers

Lower Parcel

REV "Splash Outdoor Swimming Pool" BOT

  • A Two-level very exclusive and Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Swimming Pool dimensions: 22 m X 11 m X 3 m
  • Equipped, in double, with the latest filtering-material to ensure the best filtering results
  • Accommodates around 350 persons. Quiet, relaxing and nature oriented

  • In addition to the main swimming pool, other facilities include:

  • Baby Pool, Fountain Pool: Dimensions : 9 m X 6 m X 50 cm
  • Seating and picnic facilities
  • Indoor Changing Rooms with toilets and showers,
  • Play area
  • A Restaurant: Serving food, snacks, sweets, ice cream, etc.

  • Qualified lifeguards who are on duty during opening times, all other work to keep the pool running is assured permanently.

    REV SPLASH outdoor swimming pool, operated and maintained since 2003, is the very exclusive outdoor swimming pool in the Mount Lebanon's area.

    SPLASH provides, during the summer months, countless hours of relaxation, tanning and enjoyment, for you and your family. It is also the perfect place to host Parties, Birthday anniversaries, engagements, Weddings and to meet up with a couple of friends:

    REV BOT offer: REV contacting a Professional Partner in order to convert SPLASH outdoor swimming pool into an all year round, cost-efficient, covered and Solar-Heated "Outdoor Swimming Pool".

    The average pool water temperature should be (19°-20° Celsius) and must be ensured during the whole season due to the use of a heating pump during bad weather conditions. It must also serve not only SPLASH "Outdoor Swimming Pool" but also the neighboring "Furnished Apartments".