REV's 2015 1st Middle East Annual Business- Eco-Tourism Renewable Energies Exhibition - MEABETREE
Thursday, August 7th - Thursday August 14th, 2015

REV’s Annual MEABETREE Exhibition concept arose from the realization of need in summer market, in Al-Matin, for a Mega-diversified-scale Tourism Village that also includes ONLY Summer outdoor Exhibition & Leisure Center in Mount Lebanon.

In a radiance of only 15 Km, around REV 100 000 families, basically from Arab Gulf countries, have either bought and/or built their own summer residencies.

REV consolidates its status as Al-Matin's: 1. prominent and exclusive Tourism and Business hub, 2. strengthening and asserting its role as main Summer Outdoor Exhibition & Leisure Center with an area of over 2 500 sq. m. for lease, 3. Parking area that can accommodate more than 400 cars. 4. In addition, REV was specifically designed to also simultaneously host a wide array of events: Professional Trade-Shows, Fairs, Exhibitions, Festivals and weddings.

REV’s Annual MEABETREE is designed to be the ideal promoting-platform for local and foreign companies and/or governments in doing business in Middle East in quest for an Exclusive Summer Outdoor Business Village with direct exposure and contact to sophisticated regional, especially Gulf countries, buyers and decision makers.

In conjunction, REV's Annual MEABETREE Exhibition is geared to assuring your presence in regard to multi-Billion USD Reconstruction of Iraq and Syria. Do not miss this opportunity.

REV, through a special agreement, also offers an additional service to companies interested to permanently expose - 365 days - their product(s) or service(s) all year round.